HVAC Services Jacksonville

If you’re looking for a trustful company that offers HVAC services in Jacksonville  you just found your best option on the market! We offer a broad range of HVAC services in Jacksonville  starting from HVAC maintenance through HVAC repair to HVAC replacement or HVAC installation. Floridian weather can be extreme and the HVAC system sooner or later will start having problems with operating efficiently. AC Direct is here to minimize the negative effect of the HVAC problems as much as possible!

HVAC installation Jacksonville

Keeping the Air Conditioning running at home in Florida is the most imporant thing for home owners especially during summer, but sometimes the only way to cool down the house as before is to replace the old Air Conditioner or Heat Pump. Our certified and experienced technicians are trained to install every brand on the market, but we mostly focus on Carrier/Bryant equipment and Grandaire systems, because they are one of the most reliable systems on the market and we want our customers to be happy about their new Air Conditioner/Heat Pump.

HVAC repair Jacksonville

During extremely hot temperatures outside the HVAC system is working on a highest gear to cool down the house what leads to malfunctions and break-downs. If your air conditioning or heating system is making noises, you can feel that the temperature inside is not so great as before or the system just stopped working, it’s time to call AC Direct! Our techs can diagnose and fix every brand on the market. We are honest with the customers and if the HVAC system can be repaired, we won’t be pushing the customer to replace the system if it’s not required.

HVAC maintenance Jacksonville

To keep the AC in a good condition for a long period of time, we recommend a maintenance every six months before summer season and before winter season. Our technicians will perform a check of the HVAC system to get all the information what can lead to problems in the future and solve the problem before the HVAC system stops working. HVAC maintenance in Jacksonville  is very important for every HVAC system and AC Direct is your company for that!

Why you should call AC Direct for HVAC service in Jacksonville?

There’s a lot of HVAC companies on the market that are diagnosing the system biased towards selling you a new air conditioning system without even trying to fix it. We are honest with our customers and we always operate by three rules:

1.    Fully diagnose the system and confirm what caused the system malfunction,
2.    Find the most efficient and cost effective way to fix it,
3.    Be honest with the customer, because trust is the most important thing many HVAC companies lack.

AC Direct – a team you can trust with your Jacksonville HVAC services!

We have tons of happy customers in Palm Coast, Flagler Beach, Ormond Beach, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville and Ponte Vedra Beach. Our experience in HVAC repair is 20+ years and our technicians are able to fix or install every system on the market! Do not wait – if you need HVAC services call us at (386) 864-4404 whenever you need our help!

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